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National Premiere: Conference for Young People with Multiple Sclerosis


The first conference dedicated to Young People with MS from Romania will take place in Cluj Napoca

The Association for People with Neurodegenerative conditions ( APAN Romania), in collaboration with SMile Center, counseling and support center for people with multiple sclerosis, are organizing, on the 27th of May 2017, at Agape Hotel in Cluj Napoca, the first national conference dedicated to young people with multiple sclerosis ( MS).

The event, a national premiere, will address themes and subjects crafted especially for the needs and expectations of your people with MS. Among these, we mention: MS in the workplace, MS and pregnancy, as well as scientific presentations of two neurologists, in partnership with RoNeuro, research and diagnostic center for neurological diseases. Therefore, prof. Dr. Dafin Mureșan, dean of UMF Cluj, will talk about “Multiple Sclerosis and personalized treatment. Approach for handling invisible symptoms,” while Dr. Florina Moldovan will talk about “Complementary treatments to better cope with MS”.

Florența Cernescu, motivational speaker and member of European Platform for MS’s young people’s group, will also be present in Cluj, sharing her story with the condition, while Sorin Nicu and Roxana Bunghez, both MS patients, will release their co-authored book: “Multiple Sclerosis without frontiers”.

Also at the conference, Andreea Antonovici, representative of the European Platform for Multiple Sclerosis ( EMSP) will present the EMSP’s Toolkit for employers, a document adapted to the situation in Romania, with the purpose of educating the employee as well as the employer about ways to find and maintain a workplace, in conformity to the Romanian legislation and international practices. Also, those interested in sharing ideas and information, will benefit from the introduction of the Shift.ms platform in Romania, an international social network for people with MS, with over 10.000 registered users from all over the world.

While this will be the first ever edition, the event wants to become a reference one for young people with MS, its objective being that of creating an active community of newly diagnosed patients, an informed and capable community, eager to be involved in responsibility activities and supporting other young people with MS that have a hard time accepting the diagnosis.

The Conference for Young People with Multiple Sclerosis is an event organized for World MS Day ( 31st of May 2017), with the purpose of raising awareness all over the world for people with MS, while a number of estimated 70 people all over the country is expected to take part in the event.

The Association for People with Neurodegenerative conditions ( APAN Romania) represents and defends the rights of people affected by neurodegentative conditions in Romania The mission of APAN Romania is to provide access to innovative information, to educate all stakeholders on the needs of people with neurodegenerative disorders, and to improve / facilitate fair access to treatment and high-quality therapies to improve quality of life. APAN Romania wants to become the main voice of people with neurodegenerative diseases in Romania and to ensure that patients have a strong voice in setting their own goals and priorities.

The SMile Center is the first counseling and support center for patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Cluj County and is a project of the newly established SMile patients’ association in Cluj-Napoca. The mission of the SMile Center is to bring a smile to the life of patients with SM, providing support to MS patients through therapeutic group meetings, motivational actions and events, as well as informative materials in line with the latest medical findings.

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